Electric Avenue

The Electric Revival

Embracing The
Electric Car

Even if petrol or diesel driven cars improve their fuel efficiency over the coming years, the cost of owning an electric car, buying it and running it, will be below that of conventional vehicles by 2022.

Charging For Everyone

Supporting The

Electric Avenue offers street access charging stations that allows visitors and employees to charge their personal electric vehicles while visiting World Trade Center and neighboring offices.

Parking Rate


Charging Rate

No Fee

Sponsored by World Trade Center, fees may start in Early 2017



Level 2

4 Stations

Up to 40 miles per hour of charge

DC Quick Charge

1 Station

Up to 80 miles per hour of charge

Enjoy nearby hangouts as your car charges.


  • The Good Earth
  • Bridge City Cafe
  • Café Ponté
  • Floyd


  • 3rd & Alder Food Carts
  • Qdoba
  • Cafe Yumm
  • Einstein Bros


Running On Wind

World Trade Center supports clean and green power grid by purchasing 100% of its electricity through Portland General Electric’s Clean Wind program.

Creating The Ultimate Electric Hub

Electric Avenue officially opened at World Trade Center Portland in 2016 and is located on the Northside of Southwest Salmon Street in downtown.

Electric Avenue relocated from the PSU campus. When it first opened at Portland State University in 2011, Oregon had around 500 electric cars on the road and very few publicly available charging stations. Now, the number of EVs registered in Oregon exceeds 10,000.

Originally, Electric Avenue was intended as a two-year test bed for electrification technology, but it quickly became a dependable hub of EV charging. The city of Portland, PSU and PGE extended the Electric Avenue project twice at its original location but were forced to remove the EV charging infrastructure in June, 2015 due to the construction of a new building at the PSU campus. The project partners agreed to relocate Electric Avenue rather than shut it down.

Frequently Asked Questions

What cars can charge up at Electric Avenue?

Generally, all new electric vehicles (EVs) come with the ability to use a standard connector for charging. The two parking spots closes to the river have this universal connector. EVs equipped with a quick charger connector can charge up faster using the larger chargers.

How Fast will my car charge?

The charging speed depends on a number of factors, including: The type of charger you are connected to and the capabilities of your vehicle. Using a “Level 2” charger can provide up to 40 miles per hour of charge, while the “DC” charger can provide up to 80 miles per hour of charge.

What precautions must be taken when charging an EV in inclement weather?

None. EV Charging equipment is designed for safe use, even in heavy rain. For best results don’t let lots of water get into the charge port on your car or in the charger handle. It shouldn’t hurt you, but may trigger a safety device on the charger and turn it off if the connector gets too wet.

What if there are Problems with a charger?

Call the number on the charger to see if they can help you out, if not ask them to make sure to put in a trouble report for repair. If you have time, make a comment on for other users to know you had an issue. If they can’t help you call 503-464-8688 to report to WTC front desk. They can enter a trouble ticket for a repair technician.

Electric Avenue is full, how do I find other chargers close by?

See the fountain? Head towards it and turn left on Naito Parkway and then the first left again onto Taylor, parking garage on the left.

What if the parking garage is full?

If the Parking garage is full (Yes there are a lot of electric cars around) go to or download the Plugshare app on your smartphone to find a nearby charger.

Why can I only park here for 2 Hours?

Electric Avenue is here for drivers to quickly charge their car and get back on their travels. Should you need to spend more time downtown than 2 hours we ask that you please move your car as soon as your charge has completed to allow others to charge who need it.